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Is Main Entrance Tickets a reliable ticket provider?

Yes, Main Entrance Tickets LLC is a legitimate ticket agency and a legitimate business operating as a Limited Liability Corporation that specializes in procuring and selling event tickets in the secondary ticket market. We are able to obtain tickets from a variety of professional ticket sellers so you , the live event enthusiast, can attend events you normally may not have been able to. Our website,, is a user friendly option to other secondary ticket and auction sites available online. All our events, every event , anywhere, anytime, is offered at a 10% discount ! At Main Entrance Tickets, you will always receive the most reliable and professional ticket buying experience available online.

What exactly does 10% off mean and how do I activate the discount?

It means exactly that! 10% off any ticket for any event, anywhere, anytime. People shopping online for event tickets usually type in the words "discount" or "cheap" aside the artist, team, or show they want to see. The most popular searches with the words "discount" or "cheap" is what shows up first in the search engines. But please do your research and remember that with my pricing policy, the 10% is deducted from the cost of the ticket or tickets the seller is asking, if you use the promo code 2017. That 10% comes out of my pocket and the seller deducts from me so YOU see the savings. We at know that live events can be expensive and we really do want to help defray the cost of attending live entertainment and we want your business ! The 10% is the loss we take so you may attend events you may normally not attend due to the costs.

When I place my order, how do I know my order is confirmed?

If you place your order online. you will receive an email with a printed confirmation with the details of your ticket reservation for that particular event.

When will my tickets ship?

If the tickets are available to ship, they are normally shipped within 24 hours of the approved transaction but may be shipped later if the event date is much later. Remember, one of the nice perks of the secondary market is that you can secure admission to the event before the actual event goes on sale. When you buy tickets far in advance of the event date, the date that the tickets are available for shipping is noted even before you make a purchase. Either way, you will be informed.

Why am I being charged more than face value?

Tickets that are sold on the secondary market are priced on ticket demand, availability and market conditions. This said market enables people who could not normally obtain tickets to an event, to actually get tickets they may not know how to get or are not able to get for whatever reason. Although you may see us advertise tickets on our Facebook page, or for local pickup, for the most part the tickets listed on our website is through a network of trusted professional ticket sellers who use their connections and know-how to obtain the seats you browse for. So the tickets you see are being resold, and of course repriced, by these sellers. But the beauty is, these tickets stay on the market longer than they would normally be available and you can get tickets before the event goes on sale. You can actually search for these tickets at your own convenience. We do encourage you to do your own ticket price research for your ticket interests.  Please understand, we at Main Entrance Tickets LLC don't price the tickets you see. Nor do we own or ship these tickets. We only act as a liasion between buyer and seller so you, the consumer, can make educated decisions on your buying experience. Using "auction" or "list" sites can be a daunting task for many a ticket buyer and simply put, many buyers are nervous about not knowing who they're dealing with. We offer as a simple and safe way for anybody who wants tickets for live entertainment.  We also want to help you afford to go to the events you like to attend. Thats why  gives you the ability to use my discount code 2017 and obtain a 10% discount on every ticket, for every event, anywhere, anytime. That can add up to substantial savings for you! Click on our "guarantee" logo thats on the rightside of every page of our website for more details.

Are tickets cheaper on the day of the event?

Waiting to purchase tickets on the day of the event is risky if you really do want to attend the event. Remember, availability and demand drives the sales. This waiting practice just may work for a football or baseball game, but may not work for a concert or show which normally has fewer seats. But then again, football and baseball games can sell out quickly also. You get the point. However, if you do decide to go last minute, our up-to- date Point of Service exchange can get your tickets to you by E-mail or Will-Call possibly within minutes of the event. If our seating chart shows we have tickets available, we have tickets available.

What happens if the event is cancelled or postponed?

If the event is postponed, the tickets originally purchased will be good for the event make-up date. If the event is cancelled, and no make-up is scheduled, the customer will receive a full refund of the ticket price. Please review our "terms and condition" page.

Why are these tickets on paper rather than traditional hardboard tickets?

Paper tickets are the new "print from home" tickets being offered by the Big Boys (Ticketmaster). These are the tickets that are emailed to your home instead of being shipped. These are valid tickets. Treat them as such

What about fees?

- Service fee:  This is the fee that goes to the ticket exchanges and not MainEntranceTickets LLC.  This fee, however, does help all of us because it does help us to maintain the website, to have customer support, and maintain secure billing rights for you. We choose to offer the 10% off the price of the tickets and pass along any savings to help persuade you to trust Main Entrance Tickets for all your ticketing needs. We really do want to help lower the cost of live entertainment for all that is within our control. As we stated earlier, we eat the 10% in hope for more ticket sales and more satisfied customers.

-Delivery fee:  This is the fee agreed upon by you and the fullfiller of the order. Delivery is normally expedited with Fed-Ex, but not always. E-mail delivery nowadays has become the norm and is always a safe bet. Options for the particular order is available in the checkout process.

-Taxes:   Prices stated on the website do NOT include taxes that MAY be appropiate for the customers order. Depending on the locality of the seller that fulfills your order, taxes may have to be collected as an additional fee on top of the ticket price.

What if I lose my tickets?

Don't lose your tickets. Really. Don't lose your tickets



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